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Israel Policy Forum is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that provides resources and advocacy for a strong, Jewish and democratic state at peace with its neighbors.  IPF convenes forums and publishes commentary and analysis that promote pragmatic strategies for achieving regional peace and security. IPF mobilizes policy experts and community leaders to build support for those ideas in the U.S. and Israel.


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Oct 09, 2015

By Michael J. Koplow

The eminent Israeli political scientist Shlomo Avineri published a long essay in Ha'aretz last week arguing that the failure of Oslo can be attributed to the fact that Israel views the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a struggle between two national movements while the Palestinians view it as a struggle against colonialism, explaining the inevitable failure of negotiations. 

Oct 08, 2015

By Michael J. Koplow

These are not auspicious times for supporters of two states. 

Oct 02, 2015

On October 1st, IPF hosted a conference call with Ephraim Sneh, former Deputy Defense Minister of the State of Israel, to discuss the UN speeches delivered by PA President Mahmoud Abbas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and others.

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On Wednesday, September 30th, IPF hosted a discussion on US-Israel relations, security challenges and diplomatic opportunities with MK Yair Lapid, Chairman of the Yesh Atid Party; Philip Gordon, Former White House Coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa and Gulf Region; and Jonathan Alter, of the Daily Beast and MSNBC.