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Mar 27, 2015

In Israel Policy Forum's fourth podcast of "Office Hours,” IPF’s Benjy Rogers speaks to Mr. Robert K. Lifton about the role of the American Jewish community vis-a-vis Israel. Mr. Lifton recalls his Zionistic journey, starting from his upbringing in Borough Park, to his time as President of the American Jewish Congress and the Israel Policy Forum, to today.  Through his own experiences, Mr. Lifton explains just how the American Jewish community has impacted relations between Israel, Arab counties, and the United States.The pair delve into the difficult subject of reconciling the rights of American Jews in voicing their beliefs, partially when they contrast with Israeli positions.

Mar 20, 2015

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party came out on top, securing 30 mandates, in Israel’s election for the 20th Knesset. The Zionist Union, the predicted victor in this election, secured 24 mandates. The political parties are now tasked with forming a coalition to rule for Israel’s 34thGovernment. In the wake of elections, many American officials, and Diaspora Jews expressed concerns over comments made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, congressional partisanship towards Israel, and the future of the two-state solution. To read IPF's statement on the Israeli election,click here

Mar 20, 2015

On Thursday, March 19th, Israel Policy Forum and the JCC Manhattan held a panel discussion on the Israeli Post-election analysis.    

Mar 18, 2015

The election of Prime Minister Netanyahu and his new government will continue to test Israel's relations with the United States, the international community and American Jewry.

Mar 17, 2015

With Israeli elections well underway, IPF provides some resources to help everyone understand today’s exciting events, and prepare them for the possible outcomes of today's elections.  

Mar 13, 2015

With Israeli elections less than a week away, debate between various political parties continues to make headlines in Israel. This week began with controversial remarks by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, about the feasibility of giving territory to create a Palestinian state. This week also started with a large rally in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square, denouncing Prime Minister Netanyahu's tenure. In the United States, forty-seven Republican Senators sent an open letter to Ayatollah Khamenei stating that without legislative approval, any diplomatic agreement with Iran could be overturned by the next president. In the final polls released by various sources, the Zionist Camp leads the Likud by 3-4 votes.          

Mar 11, 2015

We must not lose sight of the fact that the governments of the United States and the State of Israel are in agreement.  

Mar 11, 2015

Join IPF and the JCC Manhattan for expert analysis from a range of perspectives on the outcome of the Israeli elections.  

Mar 06, 2015

This week Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his controversial address to a joint session of Congress. Throughout the week, analysts, officials, politicians, and comedians have been very vocal in their perception of his speech. In light of Purim, Israel Policy Forum would like to wish everyone hag sameach.    

Mar 04, 2015

Center for New American Studies Middle East Security Security Program Ilan Goldenberg lays out nine lessons and recommendations that should inform future negotiations.


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