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Dec 17, 2014

IPF Chairman Peter Joseph is quoted in an article by JTA about Jewish U.S. voters concern over the upcoming Israeli elections.  

Dec 12, 2014

On Monday, the Knesset officially passed the bill to dissolve the current parliament and set the elections for March 17, 2015. On Wednesday, Ministers Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni announced that they would run on a joint-ticket in the upcoming elections. Also on Wednesday, during a protest in the West Bank, Palestinian official Ziad Abu Ein, died in what Israeli officials call a heart attack, and Palestinian officials call a murder.  Early today, the Israeli Embassy in Athens Greece was fired upon, and seven Israelis were wounded in an acid terrorist attack in the West Bank.    

Dec 08, 2014

This week in Israel began with instability in the Knesset regarding several controversial legislative measures, including the “Nation-State” bill. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Netanyahu dismissed Ministers Yair Lapid and Tzipi Livni from his cabinet, signaling that Israel would be heading to elections in the coming months. Amid this controversy, another terrorist attack was carried out against Israelis, when two individuals were stabbed and wounded in a Rami Levi supermarket in Mishor Adumim Industrial Park. As Israelis prepare to cast their votes on March 17th, international pressure is growing for an Israeli-Palestinian final-status deal.    

Nov 21, 2014

This week in Israel began amid controversy over the nation-state bill. The bill, which seeks to define Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, has many law makers worried that it would lay the legal groundwork for Israel’s Jewish identity to supersede Israel’s democratic identity, and lead to discrimination against Israel’s minority populations. Also on Sunday, an internal European Union document was leaked which suggested imposing sanctions on Israel in the event Israel takes action in the West Bank that would make the two-state solution impossible. On Tuesday, five Israelis were killed in Jerusalem by two Palestinian terrorists in an attack on a synagogue. This was the deadliest attack on Israeli civilians since 2008. IPF strongly condemned this horrific act and will continue to support diplomatic initiatives that work to prevent terrorism and preserve the opportunity for two states.        

Nov 18, 2014

Israel Policy Forum (IPF) is horrified by today's terror attack in a synagogue in Jerusalem, targeting innocents in their place of worship. Leaders across the globe must forcefully condemn this despicable act of hatred and violence. 

Nov 17, 2014

This week in Israel started with widespread riots across Arab towns, over the controversial death of Kheir al-Din Hamdan in Kafr Kanna by Israeli police. On Monday, two terrorist attacks were committed against Israeli citizens: A stabbing in Tel Aviv which led to the death of First Sargent Almog Shiloni, and a stabbing outside Alon Shut settlement, which led to the death of Dalia Lamkus and the wounding of two others. Amid the growing violence, members of the Knesset have introduced a controversial bill, known as The Norms Law Bill, which would officially apply Israeli Law to settlements in the West Bank. On Thursday, Secretary of State John Kerry held a meeting with His Majesty King Abdullah of Jordan and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, where both parties agreed to work together to defuse tensions over the Temple Mount.   

Nov 07, 2014

This week in Israel began by commemorating the 19th anniversary of the murder of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, z”l. Tensions in Jerusalem continued to rise, with another automobile terror attack on Wednesday, killing one border patrol officer and injuring dozens. Also on Wednesday, Jordan recalled its ambassador from Israel in a sign of growing discontent regarding developments on the Temple Mount, despite Prime Minister Netanyahu’s insistence that he would maintain the status quo at the holy site.

Nov 05, 2014

IPF condemns today’s terror attack in Jerusalem, which took the life of Jaddan Assad, a 38 year-old Border Patrol officer, who leaves behind his pregnant wife and 3 year-old son.   The repeated occurrences of automobiles being used as terror weapons against Israeli civilians and soldiers, and the growing tensions in Jerusalem, are deeply concerning.  

Nov 03, 2014

Please see this is unofficial translation of an ad which appeared today and over the weekend in various Israeli newspapers. It is a letter signed by over 100 former Generals in the IDF, police chiefs and Mossad directors, calling on Prime Minister Netanyahu to pursue a regional peace initiative

Oct 31, 2014

This week in Israel tensions continued to be strained between Israeli and American officials. On Monday, as the Knesset’s winter session was initiated, the Prime Minister’s Office announced its decision to build 1,060 housing units in Jerusalem, beyond the Green Line. On Tuesday, The Atlantic published an article by Columnist Jeffrey Goldberg, in which he quotes an anonymous senior Obama Administration official who refers to Prime Minister Netanyahu with personally disparaging remarks. On Wednesday night, there was an assassination attempt in Jerusalem on prominent right-wing activist, Yehuda Glick. As a result, Israel decided to close the Temple Mount, sparking outrage from the Israeli-right and the Palestinians. On Thursday, Sweden officially announced that it would recognize the State of Palestine. In the midst of these conflicts, debate and disagreement continue in the Knesset over the allocation of new funds for settlements.


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