150+ US Jewish leaders express support for continuing talks

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu:

At this critical juncture for the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, we write to express the sentiment of a broad cross-section of the American Jewish community in support of your continued efforts to pursue a negotiated resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on two states for two peoples.

As American advocates for a strong, Jewish and democratic Israel, we have been heartened by Secretary of State John Kerry’s extraordinary resolve to advance this process consistent with America's unwavering commitment to Israel's security.  We believe Secretary Kerry’s determined diplomatic effort offers an unprecedented opportunity to ensure Israel’s security, to enhance its prosperity, and to avoid the existential threat to the Jewish state posed by bi-nationalism.

It is our hope that President Mahmoud Abbas will join you in demonstrating leadership to advance these talks. By moving forward at this time, we believe that the Palestinian leadership will be challenged to make important compromises, to end incitement and to demonstrate a genuine preparedness to live in peace alongside the nation-state of the Jewish people.

Mr. Prime Minister, at this pivotal moment of decision-making, we offer our support and encouragement as you move forward to pursue a lasting agreement that will protect Israel’s security as a homeland for the Jewish people.


Daniel H. Adler Lawrence C. Gottlieb Alan J. Patricof
Karen R. Adler Fred Gould Richard Pearlstone
Michael M. Adler  Laurence Greenwald Debra Pell
Harold Akselrad Jeffrey Gural Bettina Plevan
David Avital Rabbi Steve Gutow Rabbi Amy R. Perlin, D.D.
David Axelrod David A. Halperin Isaac Putterman
Neil Barsky Harold R. Handler Steve Rabinowitz
Robert A. Belfer Ira Harris Debra L. Raskin
Jack C. Bendheim Andrew Hauptman Marcia Riklis
Karyn Bendit Oren Heiman Ed Robin
Michael Berenbaum Jeff Hoffman Elliott H. Rose
Howard M. Bernstein Rabbi Rick Jacobs Lenore Ruben
James J. Binns Alan S. Jaffe Kerry Rubinstein
Edward Blank Peter A. Joseph Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein
Herb Blecker Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky David Sable
Edward Bleier Gerald D. Katcher Richard A. Salomon
Ellen Block Nancy K. Kaufman David Sands
Stanley Bogen Francine Klagsbrun Rabbi David Saperstein
Charles R. Bronfman Samuel Klagsbrun Rabbi Yehuda Sarna
Matthew Bronfman Robert P. Kogod Rabbi Marc Schneier
Rabbi Sharon Brous Sidney Kohl Jeff Schoenfeld
Steven M. Cohen Jonathan Kolber Jeffrey Schwarz
Jerome Congress Peter S. Kolevzon William J. Schwartz
Rabbi Rachel Cowan Rabbi Irwin Kula Jack Silver
Lester Crown Yehuda Kurtzer Rabbi Joel Thal Simonds
Charles de Gunzburg Sheila Lambert Rabbi Felicia L. Sol
Scott Delman Burton Lehman Jeffrey R. Solomon
Alan M. Dershowitz Marvin Lender Ambassador Alan D. Solomont (ret.)
Thomas A. Dine Rabbi Marion Lev Cohen Alan P. Solow
Rabbi Denise L. Eger Bruce Levenson Steven L. Spiegel
Joel S. Ehrenkranz Jacqueline Levine C. Michael Spero
Warren Eisenberg Hon. Mel Levine Joan E. Spero
Rabbi David Ellenson Risa A. Levine Marc Stanley
Ambassador Edward E. Elson Rabbi Robert Levine Susan Stern
Alfred Engelberg Rabbi Joy Levitt Judith Stern Peck
Rabbi Edward Feinstein Geoffrey H. Lewis Cary Sucoff
Irwin S. Field Robert K. Lifton Joel D. Tauber
Rabbi Karen L. Fox Deborah E. Lipstadt Roger Tilles
Hon. Barney Frank Dana Linden Bob Unger
Henry A. Freedman Jonathan Lopatin Jeanie Ungerleider
Brad Friedman Bill Mack Rabbi Burton L. Visotzky
Stanley Friedman Rabbi J. Rolando Matalon James E. Walker, III
Rabbi Laura Geller Peter May Howard Weingrow
Michael Gelman Mike Medavoy Melvyn I. Weiss
Susie Gelman Donald Meltzer Barry A. Weprin
Ernest Ginsberg Robert B. Menschel Martin J. Whitman
Stanley P. Gold Robert Merson Elaine Wolfensohn
Jeremy S. Goldberg Arthur Miller James D. Wolfensohn
H.P. Goldfield Irving Morris Musa Yenni
Abner Goldstine Harriet Mouchly-Weiss Rabbi Eric Yoffie
E. Robert Goodkind Burt Neuborne Michael D. Young
Bob Gordon Morris W. Offit  


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