IPF condemns statements by Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon


Israel Policy Forum condemns recent statements by Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon that insulted the Obama administration and harshly criticized American foreign policy in the Middle East and around the world. We believe that Ya’alon’s criticisms of President Obama’s diplomatic efforts with Iran were unwarranted and unconstructive. His statements demonstrate a pattern of behavior which is not appropriate for the proper conduct of Israel’s diplomacy. 

“Ya’alon is compromising U.S.-Israeli relations at a time when the United States is convening a process in which his government is a key participant,” said Israel Policy Forum chair Peter Joseph. “Instead, his obstructionist outbursts simply support a view that Israel is not negotiating in good faith and better serves its critics and those opposed to a lasting peace.”

As the Obama administration prepares to announce a framework for further peace negotiations, IPF believes that Israel has received repeated assurances from the US – with respect to its sensitivity to Israel’s security concerns – as they relate to the negotiations with Iran and the region.

IPF welcomes Minister Ya’alon’s late apology and sincerely hopes he will return to the important process of negotiating an agreement with the Palestinians that will insure Israel’s future as a secure and Jewish democratic state.


This statement was released to press on March 20 and posted on our website on March 21. At the time of its posting, this release indicated it was posted in February, which was a typo on our website. We regret this error. This statement was issued on March 20 in response to the most recent comments made by Defense Minister Ya'alon.


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